Sewing By Numbers

Welcome, friends! If you're a long time Free Notion reader, you've probably noticed that my sewing-world-surveys are on the rise. 


I KNOW! I can't help it y'all, I find this stuff FASCINATING. It's making total sense out of the "wild west" world of digital industry these self-employed sewing pioneers have built. No one is in charge. Designers work for themselves... but they work "for" their customers. The seamstresses buying their patterns work for themselves... but they work "for" their kids or their clients. The fabric companies work "for" themselves... but "for" the demand of consumers. Other than hind-sight being 20/20, it's almost impossible to know ahead of time what to know which of any of our ventures will be a success, and why. I like to think of these surveys as the first time each party sits around the board room as peers, ready to talk about our market, and ready to improve it's condition for everyone involved. Whatever your role in this digital sewing world - there's some survey, some data, discussed below to help you. And if there's not? You can bet there will be. You're welcome to request a survey/topic by emailing me becca (at) beccaduvalphotography (dot) com - and/or lend your voice to the data I collect by following my facebook page. I'll announce new surveys there, first!

I AM NOT PAID IN ANY WAY TO COLLECT OR REPORT DATA. I'm compensated in "Blogger Gold" - page views and reader shares. If you reference this data, please link back to my original blog post(s). If you appreciate this data, please consider sharing it with your friends.