{Fall Capsule Wardrobe} More Than One Way To Skin A Cat!

Now, I'm firmly on the style sudoku bandwagon. It makes the most sense to me when organizing my seasonal sewing plans. But I acknowledge this is not the case with everyone, and in that spirit I thought I'd try another method to see how they compare. 

This is the Harper Lu "Prime" method - please click the image below or this link to download your own copy and tell Mac how cool you think it is! 

What's to love:

  • As you can see, it's another grid like planning tool that encourages you to build your wardrobe proportionally.
  • It's one season in one form (instead of the 2-3 sudokus per season)
  • It affords you "freebies" - which dress-lovers will.. well... love! Come winter (and holiday party season), I can see myself using this category for my less practical sews, too. (Hellooooo sequin tank!) I can also use this spot to put my "not ready to commit" pieces. If I want to swap out a garment later, this is where I'll start.
  • It illustrates better than the sudoku format, that you'll end up with more tops than bottoms. (Sudoku format appears to suggest you'll always be adding an even number of tops/bottoms/layers. In reality, I re-use pieces - especially bottoms - across 2 or 3 sudokus.)
  • It's WAY easier to fill out, because you're not focusing on each item as part of an outfit.

Here's mine:


What I miss:

  • Looking at my "Prime" capsule, I would have never chosen tops with this many prints or colors. It feels overwhelming seeing them all together. I would err towards neutral/solid pieces to help me out. Not necessarily a bad thing, and for all I know I'll report back in 6 months and say how overwhelmed I was with my print-and-color-full seasonal capsule! Guess we'll have to find out.
  • While the Prime form is easier to fill out, it's also harder to visualize each outfit it makes.
  • I'm a shoe and accessory lover. They're not relevant at all to constructing a sewing plan, but I like seeing them as part of the "big picture." Plus, they make for pretty graphics 💍😎👠

What's extra fun, is how I see there's one "freebie" spot leftover! I sort of love this, because it gives me a free pass to make whatever I want - color scheme or separates be damned! So I'm going to hold this spot for a bit, and find the best fabric for a dress that just released and I'm sort of obsessed with:

I can't wait!! 😍😍😍 

Do you sew to a plan? Which system do you use? I'd love to put more "to the test"! Let me know, in the comments below.