{Summer Shorts Feature} Pleat Front Shorts Side-by-Side

Happy Tuesday, folks! Here's the promised Pleat Short Side-By-Side and a brief review of my pattern findings. Remember: this is a feature NOT a contest. I'll tell you what's to love about each pattern and you can choose for yourself which will best suit your sewing needs! 

Don't let the facial expressions sway you - the only thing they indicate is the varied degrees of frazzled I am hearing my 4 year old scream for 20 minutes about an imaginary boo boo. 🙄 

Megan Nielsen Flint Shorts (Version 3)

  • Size Made: "Small" (Runs "True To Size")
  • Fabric Used: JoAnns Poly-Linen; mid-weight.
  • Pages Printed: 20
  • Adjustments: Length Adjustments at the Rise, Swayback, Full Tummy, Added Seat Depth, Low Butt  (Details here)
  • Inseam Length: 3.5 inches
  • Cost: $13.48 PDF / $17.98 Paper; Buy Here

Favorite Feature(s):

I LOVE the high waist! Fitted properly, even my rather pear-leaning-rectangle shape can pull it off.

I also adore that - thanks to the ingenious design - the only notions I need to make these is a pair of matching buttons.

For a pleated-front short, this is the most fitted of the three. Anyone wary of adding extra volume at their hips will love these.

The inseam is very modest, no wardrobe malfunctions here!

The Flints have a large hem allowance, which really stabilizes the hem shape and helps them lay flat (vs turning up or wrinkling).

Pattern Emporium Hepburn Shorts (Style 2; Play Length)

  • Size Made: 6-8 Blend (Runs Big)
  • Fabric Used: JoAnns Poly-Linen; mid-weight.
  • Pages Printed: 18
  • Adjustments: Added Seat Depth, Low Butt (Details here)
  • Inseam Length: 2.5 inches
  • Cost: $12.50 PDF; Buy Here

Favorite Feature(s)

There's an ever-so-slight hi-lo design to the Hepburns, which my sassy-booty self loves! Really adds some modesty to counteract the shorter inseam.

My swayback self adores the contoured waistband. It really helps the shape of the shorts to rest naturally against the curves of the body.

As a belt, tucked-in shirt/bodysuit fan, Belt Loops are crucial. No belt? No problem! There's sash instructions in the pattern, too.

The fitted pattern pieces of Style 2 are easily converted to the pull-on/Style 1 shorts. A great 2-in-one bonus for your printing/taping efforts.

True Bias Emerson Shorts

Apologies, by the way. The pro photographer in me is mega irked at the blurry photos in this set. In his defense, this was the fourth outfit my husband photographed in a 10 minute period, and he already rocked photos of my Emerson muslin this weekend.

  • Size Made: 6-8-10 Blend
  • Fabric Used: Mood Fabric Rayon Challis; light-weight.
  • Pages Printed: 18
  • Adjustments: Length Adjustment at Rise & Hem, Added Seat Depth, Low Butt (Details here)
  • Inseam Length: 3.75 inches
  • Cost: $10 PDF; Buy Here

Favorite Feature(s):

Fast, Fabulous, Loosey-Goosey shorts pattern - especially with the light weight fabrics! I'll reach for these on every "it's too hot for clothes against my body" day this summer. 

Low fitting requirements- there's plenty of ease to avoid many of the common fitting adjustments in more fitted shorts/pant styles.

Great use of interfacing on the pocket seam - even with a solid press and under-stitching on the other shorts' pocket seams, these lay noticeably more flat and crisp.

I'll fess up to using 1 instead of 1.5 inch wide elastic here. It doesn't fill the height of the casing like it's supposed to. I did however baste it in so I can easily swap it out with the right size elastic once I get back out to the fabric store! That'll solve the "long butt" look I've got above. Again, the photos from my wearable muslin are a zillion times better at showing the accurate fit.

Quick Note on Styling:

I had lots of fun styling this side-by-side comparison! After demonstrating the difference heel height makes on body proportions,  I opted to wear the same flats for each, and a neutral bodysuit underneath so I wouldn't obscure any waistband details. All jewels are available now via Stella and Dot, and my Essie mani is the icing on the cake. Seems I picked up quite the affinity for nail art just in time for this series! 

So whats the verdict? Are you a pleat short fan?? You're welcome to ask questions, share your experiences with these patterns, or suggest others, in the comments below! As for me? I'm onto some denim shorts muslining :)