{Summer Shorts Feature} Series Intro

Happy Thursday, friends! It's warming up in Central VA. By which I mean, mother nature is just as confused as she is every other season, but now we can expect random spurts of 90 weather in the weekly mix. In any event, the need for shorts in my wardrobe is real AND time-sensitive. 

But... I haven't made shorts since 2015. Early in my pant fitting days, and less 10-15 lbs. 

So rather than go on an exhaustive hunt for all the new shorts patterns that have been released in recent years, I asked 7 THOUSAND (😱😱😱) of my closest sewing friends for their suggestions. (I sort of love that I can emoji my blog posts. Sorry if that's "so millennial" of me. 😉) 

I figured my sewing friends knew which patterns had hype, or rather, which patterns earned their hype, and would point me in the right direction. So I picked the 6 most commonly requested patterns to feature, and reached out to their designers. Now usually the email cold-call has a 50/50 success rate for any number of reasons. So I figured "I'll get 3, maybe 4 shorts, and have a week or more to stitch up each and their muslin. Totally do-able!" Except.. for some reason the stars aligned and I GOT CONFIRMATION FROM ALL OF THEM! What??? It's going to be a flurry of thread snipping and muslin-pinning over here, folks. But I'm super excited, because I really do want to see every one of these sewn up!

The 6 patterns are 🥁🥁🥁 Drumroll Please! ðŸ¥ðŸ¥ðŸ¥ (yeah, ok, it's too much now. Self-imposed emoji ban begins now.)

I've encouraged some of my other sewing and sew-blogging friends to contribute their own shorts comparisons, too. So hopefully this list will grow over the next 4-6 weeks of the series! If you'd like to, or have already covered other indie shorts patterns, I'd love to link to your content as well. Shoot me an email, tag me on instagram, send me a carrier pidgeon. Whatever!  Other shorts I'd like to see featured are...

Seamwork Nantucket & Blank Slate Oceanside
Papercut's Rite of Spring & Colette Iris OR Katy & Laney Tap Shorts
Deer & Doe Chataigne & Seamwork Monroe Tap Pants (subscriber only)
Stitch Upon a Time Copenhagen & In House Pattern's Ellen

What this is: A shorts feature. I'll sew up each pattern, tell you the adjustments I made, and what's to love about each pattern. I don't have a crystal ball - but if I had to guess, the series will start a bit heavy on the fit adjustments. And then, once you've had terms like "full/sassy booty adjustment," "round pubis," and "rise adjustment" beaten over your head for a couple weeks, I'll shift into more of the fabric-selection, useful-notions, and (my favorite!) styling tips and suggestions.  

What this isn't: A contest or ranking process. There are only "winners" here. (But, mostly me because I get a wardrobe full of shorts just in time for summer!)

In the spirit of true comparison, I've separated the six patterns into sets of two, and purchased identical fabric for each set (just, different colors.) That way - when you see aesthetic differences - you'll know they're rooted in the pattern themselves and not in the fabrics used. (Fun related fact: All the line drawings in the graphic above are the same size "hip" and all their crotch points are lined up - so you can sort of get a sense of the side-by-side comparisons already!)

And, while I will be tailoring each pattern for my body, I will NOT be changing their design features. What you'll see will be an accurate depiction of how the designer intended their shorts to fit me. No eliminating or shrinking of (design element) darts. No elastic instead of button/zipper closures. No venturing outside the recommended fabric selections. No shrinking hemlines because I felt like making short-shorts.  To see where I draw the line between fit changes and design changes, check out yesterday's post.

I'm excited, guys! A tad overwhelmed, but EXCITED! See?? I'm having fun already:

What are some things you'd like to hear about each pattern? Are there shorts styles you'd like to pull off but don't know how? I want to hear all your shorts-related questions/commentary in the comments below!