{Sewing For Girls} The LLK Glitz

This weekend I showed up to my sister-in-law's bridal shower with the absolute cutest accessory:


She's easily the bride-to-be's biggest fan, and was so excited to be invited to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Naturally the occasion solicited the usual "new dress?" request.. which was timely, because I'd just purchased the Little Lizard King Glitz pattern.


It's a sweet little design - a babydoll dress with an (optional) cold shoulder detail and elastic hem sleeves. I sewed my little string bean a 4t width and a 5t length. (Though I'm starting to think I need to make it a 6!) 

I made a few modifications, sewing ties in the back instead of buttons, and "improving" on the suggested pattern assembly. (A pretty common occurrence for me, honestly. It's not always an improvement so much as faster way to a similar result.) 

My one gripe being the construction of the cold shoulder itself. The tutorial is noticeably lacking instruction to stretch the bias tape along the curve, or to clip the curve before folding it and the seam allowance under the wrong-side of the sleeve. I sort of suspected to hit a problem here though, after seeing so many of the tester photos with bias tape that either wasn't cut on the bias (no stretch), or sticks out because it hadn't been stretched along the curve. 

Those with bias tape experience would have known already how to attach it. If you're new to it, I suggest this Melly Sews method. It's an awful clever way to get perfect fitting bias binding on curves like this before sewing a single stitch. It makes a great supplemental link to the Glitz tutorial!

The other construction-adjustment I made was to the armscye. In the past, I've sewn my own cold shoulders by folding under the seam allowance and coverstitching in place...

But since I was already making my own bias tape, I put the rest to use binding this armscye as well. The tutorial required top stitching the whole seam anyway, so there was going to be an extra line of stitching regardless which construction method I chose. Plus, I love pretty insides! And binding raw edges is always prettier than the serged alternative. 

am I right???

am I right???

I adore the end result. This "Swirly Girl - Garden Beauty" print from Michael Miller had been sitting in my stash (for another Rebecca dress for me...) for years, I was excited to see it get put to good use for such a special memory for a special little girl!

....who had a very special afternoon charming family and friends...

and of course, filling up on sweets. 

What do you think of the Glitz pattern?? What girl's sew should I try next?? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!