{Spring Capsule Wardrobe} Easter Apparel

For more than a year now, I've had a couple yards of Swiss dot staring me down from it's perch on my fabric shelf.  


It's the first fabric I reach for every time I audition fabrics for a new blouse pattern. And why not? It's lightweight, breathable cotton, with an extra dash of femininity. It'd be a great fit with so many of my projects! But in the end, the pattern just wouldn't do it justice. Back on the shelf it'd go.

Until a couple weeks ago when I picked up the Megan Nielsen Dove pattern. (Remember that project??) I loved the idea of this shirt, the style and it's construction. But I HATED the shirting fabric I picked to sew it in first. It was so stiff, and wrinkled so easily. If I was going to make this pattern work, I was going to have to find the right fabric to go with it. Something... lightweight, breathable. Preferably cotton, so it will hold the darts well, and press easily. With just a dash of femininity to really enhance the drama of the bell sleeves.

Of course, this all sounded very familiar... I glanced at the swiss dot yardage. If I could get the Dove to fit PERFECT, I decided, I'd cut into my precious fabric for it. 

And so I did.

Per my first Dove blog post, I made my upper bust adjustment (shortening the neck-to-bust-point to fit my petite frame), and trued up my adjustment by swinging the armscye shape out to match the new side seam. It was really a very minor change:

I confirmed the fit on a chambray version (which I'll be sharing on the Cali & Co Blog here shortly!) - fell in LOVE with the fit, and cut confidently into my swiss dot. 

The result is an easy top that's neutral enough for daily/casual wear, but delicate enough to be dressed up for special occasions... like Easter! 

Of course, I won't be wearing it to church with jeans. Not on Easter Sunday anyway. I'll sub in a nice pair of slacks, I think. Maybe tucked in a pencil skirt if I feel so inclined. We shall see!

I styled it here with one of my longer Stella and Dot necklaces, which I think mimics the shape of, and visually drops the depth of the "plunging" v-neck. I *could* pick a very short necklace too, to cover more of the exposed skin, and score some extra points for modesty. Maybe next time!


I've also styled the Dove with my new Joyfolie Faren shoes... which you're more then welcome to look up on your own. I won't be party to anyone buying them after the lengthy, costly, and extraordinarily aggravating exchange process I just went through. (It shouldn't take anyone more than a MONTH to send out the next size up! Which, as an added word of caution, is worth mentioning that these run really REALLY small.) The sure look cute though. So buy at your own risk!

What do you think, friends? What would you have sewn with swiss dot? (OR what HAVE you sewn with it??) I'd love to see your creations, and get your feedback in the comments below! XOXO