{Sew the Trend} The Knot Front Tee

Supposedly there's a rule in life. If you've lived through a trend once, you don't relive it when it cycles back decades later. 

Sadly, three decades into my life, I have found myself confronted with many opportunities to relive trends. You know, like "I'll never wear overalls again!"

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Or "I'll never wear turtle necks again"...

0 for 2, folks.

0 for 2, folks.

But none gave me the kind of dread that the knotted tshirt did. See. Somewhere, I won't tell you where, there exists photos of me strutting the mall like I owned the place in a pair of "before denim was cut with spandex" ill fitting jeans and an oversized screen tshirt with a knot the size of my fist tied at my hip. (If you could even call them "hips" at all...) 

Nevertheless, I'm a sucker for a trend. If for no other reason than the challenge of getting it right this time. So when I saw knots popping up all over my inspiration boards on pinterest, I knew it was time to take another crack at it.

Thankfully, the Named Clothing Selja top is a pretty tame version of the trend (and really creatively done!). I jumped on board, making a sizable length adjustment a the waist* to account for Named's Tall drafting standards (and my own petite frame!). *It's pretty straight up and down - perfect for us rectangles - so the length adjustment could easily be applied anywhere between the bottom of the armscye and the top of the ties/opening. 

I decided to have a little fun with directional stripes, and cut mine to make a "chevron" effect down the front seam. I love how it turned out!

The only other thing I changed was the neckline. I changed nothing on my muslin and ended up with a rather tight (for my preference) crew neck. This is the only photo I have of it... so here, say hi to my friends at O'connor Brewing Company in Norfolk...

Excellent spring-like evening with friends!! (And saison)

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For my stripe version, I cut the Seamwork Mesa boat neck, and did a custom length stretch-to-fit neckband. Much more my style, I think. Here's how it turned out!

Fabulous, am I right?

Fabulous, am I right?

Fabric is a navy/white rayon jersey from some designer collection at JoAnns. It's held up to a lot of wash and wear thus far, more so than most of my other Jo's fabric finds. I'd actually buy this fabric again.

And those mustard culottes? You're going to want to check those out, too. They're fabulous, and over on the Cali & Co blog today!

Now, lest you think I'm always going around glamming-it-up in heels and make-up, I feel obligated to share my favorite outtake:

I don't know about you, but I think I'm a shoe-in when the Game of Thrones producers come to town casting an "impaled through the abdomen" extra or two. I promise not to let that soon-to-be-found fame go to my head ;) 

Until next time, friends! XOXO