{The Great Stash Bust} The VFT Luna Top

A million years ago, in 2014, this little cutie won me an awesome prize in the Willow & Co Back To School sewing contest:

I called these "cloveralls" - adding a bib and suspenders to the Willow & Co Clover Shorts (which are my go-to girl's shorts pattern if you're looking for a recommendation!) and won, if memory serves, the pattern hacking prize. 

Lacking all impulse control, I immediately spent every dollar of gift certificates I'd won - including an amazing purchase of Cotton+Steel quilters cotton from Pink Castle Fabrics. It was one of those orders, upon delivery, I just knew... I would have a really hard time cutting into it. It was just too pretty!

But then, a few months ago, I heard one of my Kindergartner's classmates razzing Kaelyn for wearing the same clothes all the time. Now, they're 5 and 6 year olds. I'm sure there was no malicious intent. But she looked wounded. Which made me feel wounded.

She was surviving a tumultuous season at home, where her brother's daily fits had brought everyone to tears and screams. (I've already written about this a fair deal between this blog and instagram, so I won't go into the details/updates here.) School was her escape from the crazy, and her neglected wardrobe was - in my mind - the shadow that followed her into public. 

I put the kids to bed that night and sat down immediately to fill her wardrobe with some fresh makes. She'd earned a "mom sees how patient you've been and wants to spoil you rotten for your sweetness!" gift - and only a new pattern and top shelf fabrics would do! I reached for those Cotton + Steel prints, and sent the Violette Field Threads Luna dress & top to the printer.

As it turns out, Luna has been a great pattern for the job! It's a fast sew (fully lined) with few pieces and great for mixing fabrics. I've broken it out again and again for last-minute projects like a Winter Dance dress, and a Valentine's Dress. (Maybe I'll blog those later... we shall see!) The later of which was modified with a designer-provided hack for 3/4 bell sleeves. So now I'll dub it an "all-season" pattern, too! 

Anyhow, it's warm enough lately for photos, so I stole a few minutes before school last week to play some catch-up blogging my winter sews. Here's K's first Luna!

Do you have a go-to quickie sew for your daughter?? I'd love to expand my collection with time-friendly patterns, and I'm way out of the loop of girl's sewing these days. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

xoxo Becca