{Scrappy Sew} The VFT Annabelle

A couple of months ago now an old favorite sew popped up in my facebook memories...

I swoooooned at the grace of what feels now like a total baby (she was three), the gorgeous Kate Spain Paradiso fabrics, and of course - the elegant VFT Annabelle chevron maxi

You see, I'm in a mad dash to rewind time and get my baby back re-sew all those patterns I got for my infant/toddler daughter that I have long since forgotten... but are still excellent patterns worth sewing again before she ages out of the size range. (This particular pattern goes to 10Y, so she's only halfway there!)

The only problem was.. this was a very impractical day-to-day sew at it's maxi length. I figured, if I skipped the bottom tier, I could make a more kindergarten-friendly length dress... AND reduce the fabric reqs to where I could use 1 and 1/2 yard cuts of fabric I'd hoarded for a while, which have been increasingly difficult to work into 5T creations. The patchwork nature of this dress though made it the exception!

Scrappy Sew Mission, Accepted!😎

For a moment I was tempted by the crisp beauty of a swiss dot base for my scrappy dress... but I had two full yards of it, enough to sew something for me (which I did, here), and just couldn't justify CREATING a 1 yard remnant/scrap from a SCRAPPY/Stash-busting project in the first place.

So how'd I shorten the dress? I sewed each panel, hemming the bottom chevron separately, then stitching the hemmed panels together to create a handkerchief hem skirt. It turned out beautifully!

How fab is that?? She dressed herself this morning (even had me text her teacher to confirm the straps fit school dress code - they do), insisting on the hat too. Which added equal parts color pop and drama to the photos, but also covered the "my front hair braid fell out" crimpy hair mess (which, too, looks amazing and intentional under the hat!). 

Also- mega props to this girl for her posing. She literally did it all. The child who gave me nothing but grimaces from years 3-yesterday knocked this out of the park. We were done with photos in minutes! Cooperation in large part to the bribe that I'd share her mad skip-it skills with you, the world wide web. So I'll close this post with a promise kept: