{Easter Sewing} Prepster Pullover + Accessories

Happy belated Easter, friends! It was a gorgeous day for it here in Central VA - full of neighborhood festivities, family, worship and brunch. (Lots and lots of brunch!)

I’m feeling pretty accomplished, too, because I managed to pull off not one, not two, but THREE whole outfits for the holiday! I’ve already shared my swiss dot Dove, and my daughter’s Charlie dress - both of which I adore - but I saved the best for last with Everett’s sweet 3-part getup. Let’s break it down, shall we??

Prepster Pullover

I’ve had this Blank Slate pattern now for FOUR+ years. It was an impulse “I’m going to have a son! I need to buy boys patterns!” purchase I’d made while pregnant, knowing it didn’t include infant sizes. By the time he’d aged into it 18 months later, I was too sleep deprived to sew, and postpartum had sucked the motivation out of me to even try.

In fact, I’d completely forgot I had it until I made it halfway through the checkout purchase this week and thought “maybe I should consult my pattern archives?? This feels awfully familiar…” I’ve not had that happen yet, but it felt kind of like getting the pattern for free, a gift from long-ago-me. Luckily it has 4 more years worth of sizes (up to size 8) I can make use of. I’ll be sure to do that!

E measured at 3T, but the newly-minted four year old is long and lean like his sister so I made the 4T instead. Better to have the extra room to grow anyway, I think!

I used a medium weight gray chambray from Cali Fabrics. I’d originally bought it for a shirt dress for me, but it lacked the drape I needed. (I find tencel or modal chambray to be more appropriate for drapey chambray projects - but I’ll be blogging about that on the Cali & Co blog shortly!) It’s sat on the fabric shelf for months - too good quality to be used for muslin, but really only suited for a button-up project - and I already have a chambray button up. (It wouldn’t have been very “minimalist” of me to double up!) As soon as I thought to sew a (half) button up for E, I reached for it immediately - jumping at the chance to put it to good use! Besides, it’s got pastel yarn woven through it. Very Easter-y indeed!

Assembly wise, the Prepster Pullover is pretty standard button-up fare. Very satisfying to sew. (But not fast - so pull up your favorite podcast and look forward to a several hour date with your iron and your sewing machine!) I did, as I tend to do, rearrange some of the suggested construction. For instance, I like to hem curved shirts before I sew side-seams, and I like how sleeves lay better when they’re completed separately and then inset.

The most noticeable pattern adjustment I did is the addition of a collar. I borrowed the size 4 Ethan collar from the SisBoom pattern. I knew I wanted to use the scraps from K’s dress to make a bowtie, and a bowtie needs a proper collar! Mostly it went fine, but I had to take a very narrow seam allowance to get it to fit. Next time I’ll compare the prepster collar stand to find the size Ethan collar/stand that matches its length.

Mix & Match Bowtie

This is the free Delia Creates bowtie, and such a fast little sew! I followed the tutorial exactly, using Good Company scraps from Kaelyn’s dress on one side, and a coordinating gold fabric for the other. It ended up being an inch too long, which would be super easy to have tried it on and adjusted the length before finishing the hook/loop closure. If you’re going to sew a last minute bowtie for your kiddo, I suggest reserving an extra couple of minutes for a fit check!

For tips on incorporating floral fabrics into boy's attire, check out this blog post >>>

Progress shot of the 4 year olds accessories 🙃here's hoping he feels well enough to model them for me today!

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I also suggest, if you don't have one, investing in a forcep. I only use it a few times a year, but boy - when you need them, they're the only tool for the job. As illustrated above - they help turn narrow projects like this one, straps on girl's dresses, doll/softie arms (which is why I first bought mine), etc. 

The Pocket Square

To say this is ‘self drafted” is seriously laughable. I looked up a kid’s pocket square, pulled the finished dimensions from a J Crew product listing, added seam allowance (for a ¼ + ¼ hem), and cut a 11.5 inch square. Since it was a plain yellow fabric though, I did jazz it up a bit by substituting a standard straight-stitch with a more decorative, ivory, scallop stitch. Now my fashionista husband wants one, too.

I finished his perfectly southern Easter outfit with a dollar-spot straw hat and a pair of “faded red” denim shorts from Target. Daddy has a nearly identical outfit in his wardrobe,  and being just like daddy is a surefire way to avoid the "you can't tell me what to wear!" struggle. I'm obsessed with the result!

E-man, on the other hand, had mixed feelings 😜

Did you sew for Easter?? I'd love to see what you came up with. Tag me in your creations on instagram or share them on my facebook page