{Easter Sewing} The Charlie Dress

Tomorrow is Easter. Which means, as with most day-before-a-holiday, you can expect to find me behind a sewing machine in a race against the clock. This year is only *slightly* different, in that I sewed my own Easter apparel a couple weeks ago, and actually got around to making K's dress with daylight to spare!

I've been on a total VFT-sewing binge lately, including new purchases like the Luna Dress...

The Nora dress...

And resewing old favorites like the Annabelle...

...and the Audrey (which is either about to or just did get discontinued - hopefully you got it in time!) snapped here in a photoshoot for my latest Cali Fabric blog post:

So when it came time to pick an Easter Dress (and I'd already scratched my LLK Glitz itch) - I turned to the VFT Charlie Dress. It features a hi-low bodice, ties on the bodice and (optional) sleeves, and dress and top lengths. 


I sewed a 5 for miss K, narrowing it to a 4 at the waist. In hindsight, It's a fitted enough bodice I easily could have sewn a straight 5. We're fine for now (and certainly for tomorrow's Easter festivities) - but the 5/4 blend will no doubt limit it's time in K-s closet. (One of her school besties is a good size smaller than her though, so she's been the beneficiary of all K's out-grown mama-made. It's cuteness will live on yet!)

I've hoarded this Good Company print for a couple years now - originally a gift from THE Scientific Seamstress herself on a visit to Richmond. (Thanks Carla!) It's Green and Pink, my daughter's favorite colors. She squealed with delight when I showed her the finished product!

As for K's braids... We're in a pretty solid routine of once-a-week-baths (if it were up to the kids, it'd be even less!) - after which I tightly braid the front portion of her hair in a kind of "headband". If time (and daughter) allows, I'll braid the rest of it, too. It keeps it out of her face, out of her food, out of paint in art class, and free of "sneeze-into-my-hand-and-wipe-through-my-hair" boogers. 

Inevitably they all fall out throughout the week, and end up getting pulled back in crimpy pony tails (my favorite!). Gotta do what you gotta do with kids as bath-resistant as mine 😎

Anyway- two Easter projects down! Let's see if I can wrap up a matching bowtie (and buttondown!?) for little bro - who happens to be a Birthday Boy today, and also completely laid out with the stomach bug. Yuck!

Do you sew for Easter?? What did you make? Tag me in your creations on instagram! I'd love to see them. XOXO, Becca