{Tutorial} Button Placket Wedgwood Skirt

Earlier this week I made an appearance on the Straight Stitch Designs blog with my intro to women's fitting post. I was accompanied by a delightful double gauze (from Cali Fabrics!) midi Wedgwood skirt, which I'd modified with a button placket. So today I thought I'd show you a little how-to so you, too, can get more use out of your Wedgwood pattern!

But first, let me set the scene. I was (per usual) inspired by a combination of pins:

Each features a high waist skirt with front/button detail - but one is full (like the Wedgwood), and one has a half placket. The half placket lets me confidently wear a midi hemline, while also following petite-girl "skirts above the knee" rules with an extra flash of skin. Plus - vertical lines are always fun way to add the illusion of length, and who doesn't want to look like they have longer legs??

Bonus: This hack spares you the need to buy/sew in a zipper! Woop woop. Perfect for when you need a new pleated skirt but don't have a matching zipper handy.

Here's how I did it:

Super easy, right!? And the result is amazing. Especially in this double gauze, which lets the light shine through (without being see-through - no wardrobe malfunctions here!). This is important on a skirt this length, so it doesn't feel heavy and overpower my petite frame.


Can't wait to see what you come up with! As always, tag me on instagram or facebook if you use my tutorial. I love seeing these hacks come to life :) XOXO, Becca