{MomBrag} K's First Sew

Happy Saturday, friends! It's 9:30, I'm still in my PJs, and my craft room and I have been working for an hour already. To answer why, I've got to back up a few days...

Thursday Night, Everett's preschool had a "Spring Fling" festival/fundraiser. Those who follow me on instagram have already seen hints of this. I made a tote using hand and foot prints from E and his classmates for the silent auction. (Even hand stitched the applique at soccer practice! Wish I'd had a thimble...):

Thanks for the suggestion to use this free tote tutorial, by the way! The tote was just the right size.

Anyway, at this fundraiser, K won a prize. Yay! ..right?? Wrong. She agonized at the prize table between a princess poppy keychain (her favorite) or a fuzzy pink "friends" heart-shaped pillow. She nervously settled on Poppy, but by the time we'd tucked her into bed that night the buyer's remorse had reached a fever pitch. 

We had the usual "decisions are hard... when you make them, you need to look on the bright side... tell me what you love about your Poppy keychain!!" conversation. Which she took pretty well, but it didn't solve her broken heart.

So we made a deal. If she went to bed, and didn't ask me until the weekend, SHE could sew her OWN heart pillow, and mom would help her do it. 

Which means first thing this morning, I woke up bright and early to a scene like this one:

Wakey, Wakey! (Everett, 2014)

Wakey, Wakey! (Everett, 2014)

Lucky for her, mom had pink minky scraps leftover from this unicorn hoodie project...

So she drew a heart on some tear-away stabilizer, we pinned it to two right-side-together scraps, and very, very slowly stitched along the lines, leaving a couple inch gap for turning and stuffing. Mom took care of the "friends" vinyl, carefully fitting it to scraps from the "you are my sunshine" tote I shared above. Woo, low-waste crafting!

When she'd finished stuffing her pillow, I cut her a piece of ribbon to sign her name on, and dated the back of it. I whipstitched the opening, and sent her on her merry way.

Of course - as soon as little brother saw it.. he demanded one too...

So I made another (in like, 5 minutes. It's amazing how much faster this project is when I'm not going at 5 year old pace - and constantly saying "keep your fingers away from the needle!!") and made his day. Happy kids all around! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to reclaim my craftroom for some fun Cali Fabrics blog deadlines that are creeping up on me this weekend!

Happy crafting, folks :)