{Tutorial} The Cutout "V" T-shirt Hack

Hey Friends! I'm over on the Cali Fabrics blog today with some Velvet Apparel inspiration, and thought I'd share how I hacked the Daytripper Dolman to have a V-shape neckline cutout. 

This is a super fun hack you can use on any of your favorite tops or dresses with high necklines! I've seen this cutout interpreted by all kinds of styles, including glam, retro, and bohemian.  Enjoy :)


In addition to the obvious notions, you'll need:

Looks easy enough, right?? My one word of caution is to carefully consider which pattern you hack, and adjust the size/shape of your V accordingly. If your pattern is a super fitted one, expect the V to stretch out quite a bit. If your pattern is really loose, your cutout may be a shifty window ready to expose your bra or bosom with even the slightest move. Generally speaking - this is a "less is more" scenario. Start smaller than you think you'll want, baste the front piece together, and hold it against your body to determine any necessary adjustments. 

Also - the wider your neck binding, the more emphasis you place on the "cutout." Narrower bindings, like the one seen here, give the illusion of a very daring neckline. All depends what look you're going for!

Good luck!! If you attempt this hack, I'd love to see your results. Comment below with your blog post, or tag me on instagram or facebook!