{Social Sewing} Top Knot Tour

Hi friends! Long time no see! If you follow me on instagram you know my life has been all-consumed by our 6 month house hunt and now, phase 2, a 4-6 week reno. (Shameless Over-Excited new home owner plug...)

Somehow, through the madness, I've managed to talk myself into committing to social sewing projects. Which in this case is actually something I'm grateful for. I needed to scratch my creative itch (in a non-$$$ light fixture kind of way).  

So that's exactly what I did here, on my stop of the Top Knot pattern tour! 

My friend Gabriela over at Chalk & Notch just released her second girl's pattern, this adorable all-season romper and dress:

There have been so many inspiring Top-Knot creations made throughout this pattern release tour! (Link to those below) Long and short sleeve versions, short and pant versions, and dresses with skirts of all lengths. But MY task today was to create a top-knot-inspired pattern hack. So below you'll see...

I'm so excited about this project! It's one of those rare ones that turns out exactly the way you have in your head. AND it satisfied my seasonal goal of sewing with this cutout fabric from Urban Rag Trader. I've been repeatedly pulling it out of the stash since it arrived, hoping the perfect project would inspire me to use it. I'm glad I didn't cut into it for anything less - I mean, how cute is this!?

So let's talk Top Knot. What characteristics are included in the pattern, and where did I go rogue?

Pattern: Drop-Shoulder Seam with pleats!
Rogue: Exposed Bias Bound Shoulder Seam

Pattern: Casing at the waist for gathering.
Rogue: Replacing the elastic with coordinating sash.

Pattern: Designed for use with lightweight wovens. ("Challis, Chambray, Crepe, Double Gauze, Lawn, Linen...")
Rogue: Using this cutout knit. Woven facings and seam bindings keep the garment from stretching out and straight-stitched seams from popping! 

Pattern: Button or Snap Closures
Rogue: Robe-like sash at waist. Buttons are too fussy for a pool-bound 4 year old - She'd give up shedding this layer and jump right in!

Pattern: Folded sleeve cuffs with fully enclosed seams. (Gotta love a pattern that looks as pretty on the inside as the outside!)
Rogue: Being super lazy and scrap-friendly to make these narrow sleeve bands instead. My only regret of the whole project - I'd have rather cut into the bigger scraps to sew these per the pattern. No matter, there's a happy little girl at the end regardless!

... and a happy rainboot-rocking little brother who wanted nothing more than to join in on the photo-taking merriment.

Thanks for stopping by to see my Top Knot make! Sold on the pattern and all it's potential? Enjoy 20% off your Chalk & Notch order through tomorrow - July 1, 2016:

Then enter a fabulous giveaway for a chance to win some fabric for your first Top Knot project!

Don't forget to click through the rest of the tour for even more inspiration: