{tutorial} The "Penley" Pinterest Hack

Guys. I'm in love. I saw this pin during my hunt for summer styles, and I just HAD to have it.

Or rather, I had to make it. (No use buying a shirt that isn't made to fit my extraordinary body, amiright??) But with shockingly limited tank styles in the indie pattern market, I knew I'd have to hack my own. And where there are hacks for me, there are tutorials for you! 

I will be hacking the KBSD On Point Penley pattern, because it already has two key features I need for a successful hack: 1. the "v"-within-the-crew-neck neckline (see below) 2. made for knits. That's it! That's all I need for an easy hack. 

You can easily freehand these features onto any knit tank pattern you have, but I do love this pattern and if you need a henley/polo to round out your collection, feel free to use me as your excuse to grab one. ;) Edit to add: Thanks to my capsule ladies for letting me know she happens to have a sale for Mother's Day right now too! **enabling, enabling**

On a related note - I'd like to thank designer and friend, Stephanie, for the line drawings from her pattern and her permission to use them in this tutorial! Apologies for the slopping photoshop work. Hopefully you can follow along alright!

The penley is more fitted than my inspiration, so below you'll see how to add width to make the tank flowy, as well as how to adapt the neckline. You'll need to know how to bias-bind a raw edge - which you can see demonstrated here. Of course, since we're sewing with knit, you don't need to cut your binding on the bias because it already stretches :) 

Easy enough?? Great!! I thought so, too :) So I made another:

Optional additional step: photograph your garment BEFORE you sit for a few hours in front of photoshop and blog the tutorial. There's less wrinkling that way :P

Happy weekend! If you sew one of these up yourself, be sure to share it with me on my facebook page, or tag me in your post on instagram