{Social Sewing} Boys Wear Pink

Welcome blog-tour'ers! I'm so excited to be along for the ride on this year's Boy's Can Wear Pink initiative. In fact, I begged Kelly to make room for me when I had missed blogger recruits! And being the doll she is, she did just that :)

So today I'm here with my 2 year old son. Whose favorite color is "pinn". 

To be fair, he thinks every color is "pin(k)". I should probably spend more time working on that

Even so, he's still TWO. And he loves everything his idol (and big sister) loves.. be it My Little Pony or (his and hers) carousel ponies. The world has not yet taught him gender roles, or whether colors or interests are defined by one's gender.

Of course, we know it's not. And it's been quite a passionate parenting choice of mine. I've already written about utilizing "unconventional" prints in boy's clothing. I do not hesitate to encourage his every interest - be they cars and trucks, or dolls and dress-up. Thats why, for this feature, I didn't just go "pink" I went PINK. 

I dyed some performance knit from JoAnn's. (I won't tell you how much I spent on that... It was the best knit for the hoodie-job and I went for it.) Per usual, it didn't go smoothly. Or evenly. And I'm not certain about washing it at all with anything else. Ever. 

BUT, the vibrant pink is just what I wanted. I was going for a "pop art" vibe with this project - and the bolder the pink the better it'd stand out against my black and white graphic....

Meet Zee. Zee Brah. I credit BCWP sponsor Mabel Madison for inspiring Zee.  (Get it? Me? Zee? Ha. I crack myself up.) Owner and overall bad-*** Emily teased me with these beautiful fabric previews she had coming her way. Then conveniently added "They won't be in stock until THE DAY AFTER YOUR POST LAUNCHES." **SOB SOB SOB**

Around here, when we hear hoof beats, we think ZEBRAS!!!!! Just arrived and available later this week! It's gorgeous 250gsm French terry. And ZEBRAS!!!

Posted by Mabel Madison on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do you see Zee's cousins up there?? They come on all kinds of different colors of french terry. (Yes. French Terry. It would have literally been PERFECT for this hoodie project!) 

But before I start sobbing again - you should know how PUMPED I am about the vinyl back-up-plan I concocted. It turned out exactly the way I had hoped - with pink peeking through the stripes and everything. It was definitely my most challenging vinyl weeding project yet. (and It actually didn't go so well the first time....)

My #silhouettecameo gave my zebra a rhinoplasty. I think he looked better before :P

A photo posted by Becca DuVal (@beccaduvalphoto) on

I used up my matte black and white vinyl on the first attempt - and I had to reach for the glitter vinyl stash for my re-do. I've got to hand it to him: already-squeamish hubs swallowed that pill like a champ. 

I followed my own advice and stuck with a modern, classic silhouette for his outfit. The pants of course are nowhere near new. We're going on 6 months with these stretch-denim Kudzu Cargo - Small Fry Jeans. I need to let out the hem to account for a growing kid - but I kept thinking he's about to blow through the knee first. Not so! I think maybe the brilliant Kudzu knee pleats disperses thread stress. 

The top is my beloved Bimaa hoodie pattern. I've made it no-less than a dozen times now. Slim fit, supersize hood, great big pocket-less space on the front - perfect for this project! 

It's *almost* perfect. Even with the uneven dye job (which I actually thought was a pretty cool feature of such a super modern project). I can't seem to get the hood seams to lay flat. Boooooooooooooooooo! I had this problem with the last Bimaa I made, too, and thought I needed to play with my serger's stitch length, or even hem the hood instead of enclosing the seam and sew it by machine. STILL wonky. I'll accept any/all troubleshooting info in the comments! But STILL adorable:

So there you have it - another boy-sew success on the books. And a perfectly gender neutral one at that! Go check out some more pink-tastic boy sews. Visit the rest of the blog tours stops:

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