{Spring Capsule Sewalong} Wardrobe In A Week

I have this crazy idea... It hit me out of the blue this weekend, and I just couldn't shake it.

     "Wardrobe in a week" echoed in my brain for hours.
No way, self. You're moving next month! You don't have time to start a capsule project NOW.
     And what do you think you're going to WEAR while you're homeless?
Well.. it would be super efficient to travel with a fresh sudoku capsule that reflects my current fitting skills and body shape... 
     And also, sewing.
I WILL have less fabric to move into storage if I sew it up first...
     And also, sewing.
I could use the sewing therapy to de-stress from the house hunt...
     And also, sewing.
Ok, but I can't do any of that fussy sewing, like yards and yards of topstitching, or procrastination-inspiring zippers, buttons, and button holes.
     Good thing you already wrote a post about quick-sew capsule pieces.
But do you think I can assemble a whole sudoku of quick-sews?
     Suuuuure you can. And two more for your business casual and SAHM-chic readers.
Now you're just getting greedy, self.
     But you're going to do it anyway, aren't you?
Yes.... yes I am.

And so I did. Below you will find THREE capsule sudokus appropriate for different levels of formality: "Business Casual", "Casual", and "Super Casual."

New to the capsule sudoku concept? This is the wardrobe planning tool I use to ensure every piece I make is efficient and wearable. Every row, every column, and each diagonal makes up a different outfit. That's a total of 10 outfits, which should buy you plenty of time between laundry days. Take a second to look through them, then meet me below to chat about it.

All flats are from my dream shoe closet aka Joyfolie. All jewelry is Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Patterns: Love Notions La Bella Donna / Pattern for Pirates SOS pants / Seamwork Akita / Made for Mermaids Infinity Scarf / Greenstyle Creation's Brassie Joggers / Pattern for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan / Pattern for Pirates Peg LegsSeamwork Akita / Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan / Cali Faye Basics Tank / Teach Me Fashion Elastic Waist Pants 

Intrigued? Considering joining my crazy plot?? Here's what you need to know:

  • You will sew 9 or fewer pieces. Use as many well-fitting ready-to-wear or previously-sewn garments from your closet to fill in the sudoku. Make note of the remaining voids you'll need to fill. 
  • You can use any patterns you want. The ones above are beginner-friendly and quick-sew approved. (What is quick-sew again?) But you can substitute any of my suggestions with patterns you already own, have already muslined, or already have printed/cut/otherwise in-progress. 
  • This is a capsule of separates. Separates are ideal for a mix/match wardrobe you can dress up or down for any occasion. If you wear dresses, I suggest you build a sudoku using this model.
  • Plan to use fabrics from your stash. You could go buy new stuff, I won't rob you of a stash-building excuse ;) ESPECIALLY if you don't have much in the way of apparel fabrics. (Sorry friends, quilter's cotton is almost always a "no-no" for apparel projects.) But for 9 pieces, some of which with very low fabric requirements, you should be able to make do with what you already have.
  • Plan to do some fitting work. It should be rather minimal. A shoulder adjustment, length adjustment, etc. Take it one project at a time, and ask as many questions as you need to. Together, we can create clothes that fit your extraordinary body. And remember: you'll only try something for the first time once.
  • We prep this week, cut this weekend, and sew next week. Can't sew with us while next week? No worries! Sew at your own pace, and jump in where you can!

Like I said. I'm certifiable. Are you? 

GOOD. Now to see what stash fabrics I have, and what pieces I need to make! Meanwhile, share your progress on instagram #wardrobeinaweek or in the facebook group

Ahead of me already?? Use these tips to finalize your fabric selection. (Unfortunately, the discount codes included in that post are long since expired.)