{Social Sewing} PR&P's "Cosplay" Theme

Another Saturday, another linky entry squeaking in before the deadline! To be fair - I debuted "iron man" this week, and I'm already ahead on some glitter/gold!

I probably wouldn't have bothered to make K anything for this theme - but girlfriend is in serious need of bigger clothes. Her belly button is playing peek-a-boo under her 3T shirts, and even 4T pants are on the short side lately. That's a serious growth spurt, and momma needed this motivation to fill some wardrobe voids.

I settled on my "Cosplay" theme pretty immediately. Or rather, an "everyday cosplay" look - since the theme specified no costumes. But before I tell you, let's see if you can guess:

Need a few hints? She's small, packed with attitude, hates her veggies... 

Nuthin?? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

We actually lived in San Francisco for part of 2014, and pizza had a recurring role in our weekly diets there. (Anyone in the area knows what I mean - assuming of course they've ordered from Amici's!) My order?? Meatball and BROCCOLI pizza.  I just about died in the theater when that scene played out! But I digress...

Miss K here would have happily worn any character-inspired outfit I put together for her - so mama played tie-breaker between "Joy" and "Disgust." 

The green knit I had in my stash would have been great for either, but ultimately Disgust won out because K needed leggings BAD. (My kid can't be the only one who rips holes in the knees of every pair she owns after just a few weeks - right??) I used the Dressage Leggings again because it gave me a chance to use both these prints I'd been hoarding for months and months! (How perfect are those prints, too, for the whimsical geometric designs through out the film and the character's wardrobes?) I also had the pattern pieces handy from last week's sewing, and needed to redeem myself with a pair of proper length leggings. As you'll see - victory was mine!

Since dresses aren't really her thing, I thought a simple peplum top would be a perfect substitute! I used the Blaverry Finn top for this project, which was such an awesomely quick sew. The hardest part about this top was figuring out what fonts to use for the vinyl. I could tweak those combinations for hoooooooours, and I did not have that kind of time. Thankfully Kelly was available bright and early on her Saturday morning to brainstorm with me! Thanks for your help, girl!

But we haven't even touched on my favorite parts of this shirt! The first is green and glittery and totally obvious. Yup. I put broccoli sleeves on my daughter's shirt. With St Patty's around the corner, I wonder how many people are going to mistake those for clovers? I played around with some clipart to make the print and ironed it on. I was actually convinced all the while that I had emerald green glitter vinyl in my iron-on stash. Apparently, my frugal self interfered with that plan before I ever checked out. (I shop my vinyl at Heat Transfer Warehouse, by the way. Per the recommendation of my super silhouette savvy pal Wild & Wanderful) That discovery led me on a goose hunt all across Richmond. I almost left Jo-Ann's empty handed (well.. as empty handed as you can leave Jo's. You know, plus or minus two yards of needless fabric..) but found the LAST ROLL of this green vinyl mistakenly placed on an end display while on the way to checkout. I was positively giddy! 

LAST, but not least... I had to do a play on the film title "inside out." I knew there were some fun exposed-seam techniques I could try, so I went ahead and did a faux-coverstitch look for the neckband. More genius I can credit to Kelly!

All in all, she's super happy about it, and I learned a valuable lesson. ALWAYS say yes to building your stash of vinyl. Now if you'll excuse me.. I have an order to place....

XOXO, Happy weekend!