{Tutorial} Caped Raglan DIY

I have a 3.5 year old. Or at least, I did. Until roughly 6 weeks ago when Target put out their dollar spot Halloween stock. NOW, I run errands with Iron Man...

Iron man Everett observes "coffee makes you a better person"

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...take Spiderman on play dates...

...and of course, pick pumpkins at a patch far, far away with Storm Trooper Everett.

It's a beautiful day for a pumpkin patch field trip!

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Even nap times are "Super" - with Captain Iron Spider Man... 

But nothing has stolen my son's heart quite like his new Batman cosplay outfit. It's just your standard "business in the front" Rockstar Raglan... with a little party in the back:

The hack really couldn't be simpler! And it's just the right amount of "costume" to satisfy little crime-fighters (or Snow Whites? or Elsas? Or Red Riding Hoods??) without the potential for lost capes in the grocery store, interruptions to "put it back on please," or inevitable "you hold this please??" requests. 

Ready to make your own?? Here's how!

In addition to your usual fabric and notions, you'll need: 

  • You favorite raglan pattern. I like the Rockstar Raglan and the Recess Raglan!
  • Fabric for a cape. I've used faux leather for this batman cape, but have successfully used a fat quarter of quilters cotton too!

Finish assembling the shirt per your pattern's instructions, being careful that the cape doesn't get caught in your side and sleeve seams! Easy enough, right?? Here are some extra tips for a successful project: 

  • Don't line your cape. The rest of the shirt is knit, and the neckline especially will stretch out from the weight of a lined or too-long cape.
  • Don't forget to hem the sides and bottom of woven capes BEFORE you pleat or baste it to the shirt.
  • For Batman cape scallops, trace the base of a wine glass and use scissors (NOT your rotary blade!) to neatly cut along the curves.
  • Bias Bind your Neckline. A standard neck band binding will leave bulky seams around the cape, and keep the seam from laying flat. Instead, try enclosing the raw edges in a a bias bound neckline. There's a great tutorial for it here
  • Wash your caped raglan inside out, to contain the cape so it won't get caught with other garments and stress the seams.
  • Make these shirts in pairs - your cosplay cutie won't want to give up their shirt to the laundry basket without a spare to take it's place!
  • Charge your camera, the photo ops are irresistible! 

Happy last minute costume sewing, friends! :)