{Social Sewing} Living Skirt Art

Yall know by now I'm buds with the talented Audrey of Skirt Fixation. She's my P-I-C at Sewing Stadium, where we host fun sewing events!

So when Audrey wanted me on board for her own sewing event, I knew it'd be AWESOME. (SPOILER ALERT - I'm right!

My task?? Find a memorable skirt feature in art, and replicate both the skirt, and the art. Sounds easy enough, right? And Audrey is so darn good at it, she makes it look effortless too.

But uh - it wasn't. I had these grand plans of going to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VMFA) and let miss K (now 4.5 years old and super opinionated) pick her own skirt art inspiration. And then mother nature laughhhed and laughhhhhhed and dumped two feet of snow on all of Richmond. 

We needed a plan B, and FAST. Not only did our skirt inspiration have to come FROM our home, but it needed to be photographed IN our home, too. Virginia is not equipped to handle snow - much less a blizzard of it. We've been home bound now for 6 days. **TWITCH TWITCH TWITCH** It's cool. I'm cool. It's good.... 

Miss K and I turned to Children's book illustrations as our Art Inspiration. Namely, the one FANCY NANCY.

This was perfect for all kinds of reasons. See, Fancy Nancy is quite... colorful. And so is my daughter. And her room. And my available fabric stash. (Remember, I'm snowed in. There was no "quick trip" to Jo-Ann's.) But also - the feather duster.

Yes. The feather duster. A few measly bucks worth of fuzz from Ikea to help me dust ceiling fans, but my kids think it's the holy grail. "Can we please... .uh.... CLEAN?! Yeah, that's it... clean.... CAN WE MOM, CAN WE!?" Are you kidding me?? A fuzzy bat? NO WAY. 

So the duster was a critical piece in this puzzle. Not just because it's in the illustration I chose to recreate, but because it was on super effective bribe for my photo-averse chick-a-dee. So what illustration did I recreate??? Why, this one of course:

I love that choosing an illustration over a detailed painting or photograph left some of the detailwork up to me and my imagination. The skirt, for instance, was a perfect excuse to cut into the SisBoom Jenny Eliza fabric that my friend (THE Scientific Seamstress!) gifted me on a recent trip to Richmond. Something about the vibrant colors and busy design just SCREAMED Fancy Nancy. It helped, too, that there was significant yardage available. This self-drafted box-pleated circle skirt took a LOT of fabric! 

I took liberties with the top she wore, too. I imagine Nancy's mom would insist she trade the swimsuit for a long sleeve shirt, too, if there were feet of snow on the other side of her bedroom wall. (Or not? Maybe she's more of a 'cool mom, not a regular mom'?)

I jazzed up a solid purple top (the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew) using an HTV design I created and cut with my new silhouette cameo. I'm not sure how appropriate an Iggy Azalea reference is on a 4 year old's apparel... but the idea was stuck in my head (like the song) and I just rolled with it. (If there is some unsavory meaning in modern slang, I'm way too out of touch to know such things.)

We had tons of fun with this project! What a great reason to get some last photos in this house before miss thing leaves her luxurious suburban suite for compact city living. 

Thank you so much for the invitation to participate in this series, Skirt Fixation! We're super excited to follow the other awesome Skirt Art features you have lined up throughout 2016 :) If you want to see more, too, check out this one Audrey shared today! (Click the image below)

What do you think?? What Children's Illustration would you most like to recreate?? I'd love to hear more ideas in the comments below!