{Strong is the New Skinny} Active Wear Resources

There was SO MUCH excellent content in last week's Strong is the New Skinny blog tour! I couldn't pass up the chance to do a full recap. Here you'll find a list of indie patterns used (or recommended), as well as fabric resources, tips and tutorials, and of course - the blog stops themselves. We've received so much encouragement throughout this tour. Thank you all so much for your kindness. I am excited to bring you more interesting and inspirational reads throughout 2016!


Finding Fabric

When you're looking for athletic fabrics, there are two very important words to remember: Wicking, and 4-Way-Stretch. The first is to ensure you don't sit soaked in sweat and irritate your skin. Wicking fabrics distribute moisture throughout the surface of the fabric so it will quickly evaporate. (I use a lot of swim knits for this reason. They're great for hot yoga, but they're not great for all-season wear outdoors.) 

4-way-stretch is to ensure your fabric moves comfortably with your body through the full range of motion your active body will cover throughout the course of a workout. 

In both cases, you'll generally be looking for spandex/lycra fabric. Our bloggers recommend the following shops (in ABC order):

Finding Patterns

The SITNS bloggers used a variety of patterns available throughout the "indie" sewing world. Also in ABC order, they suggest:

I used the  Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg leggings  for these athletic tights, in Mabel Madison knit available through their  facebook group .

I used the Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg leggings for these athletic tights, in Mabel Madison knit available through their facebook group.

Finding Tips & Tutorials

Kymy of EYMM offered a tutorial for her head wrap here - and this helpful log was just added to her shop! It's a FREE resource I hope you get a lot of use out of:

I've blogged a bit about my fitness sewing myself in my goober-of-a-title series "Muscular Mondays" (I'm a sucker for alliteration, what can I say!?) The most useful post among them is this experiment sewing with 4 way stretch fabric, and what combination of tools works best:

Phat Quarters blogged a tutorial for this excellent fanny pack - perfect for a family hike!

Imagine Gnats has a variety of active wear & accessories tutorials on her blog. My favorites are listed below: 

Made by Jaime featured the BalletScoop SAB skirt in her SITNS post. It's a free tutorial, available here.

Finding Motivation (click images below to see full posts)

....For Group Fitness

....For Runners

....For Strength Training

....For Yoga & Pilates

....For Outdoor Recreation

Finding Community

One of the most popular themes we heard repeated throughout this blog tour was the need for an accountability buddy. If you don't have one nearby, I suggest building relationships with the #sweatnsew community on instagram! I've had daily encouragement to make healthy choices, delivered right to my instagram feed courtesy this awesome community of fit sewists. Shout out to #sweatnsew founder, Becky "Sarcastic Quilter" Collins. Thanks for starting such a fun movement in the sewing world!

Do you have a favorite inspirational instagram account? Please share your fitness and healthy living accounts in the comments! 

I wish you luck and discipline in your 2016 health & fitness goals! Please feel free to add your favorite active wear & fitness resources in the comments below, and share your progress on my facebook page or tag my instagram account. Thanks again for following along with this tour. I hope you've enjoyed a healthy dose of inspiration to get you through the year :)