{Strong is the New Skinny} Blog Tour Debut

Hello my lovelies! I've been quiet in blogland lately (at least, as quiet as I know how to be?? I did throw a Katy Perry New Years Eve shindig on Sewing Stadium a week and a half ago. It was totally rad. You should check it out!). On a personal note - we're preparing to sell our home, and I've traded out needle and thread for sweat, paint, and powertools. 

In any event - it's JANUARY! And officially resolution season. Mine is the same it's been every year of my adult life - "drink less, and laugh more."

Don't read too much into the "drink less" part. Chardonnay and I are still buds.  It's more a reflection of the extra 30 minutes, extra netflix show, extra snack-I'm-powerless-to-resist, postponed bedtime effect that extra glass of wine has on my evening routine than anything else.

"Laugh more," on the other hand, is a totally loaded resolution. It incorporates everything from spending more time with friends, to getting back to the gym.

"Going to the gym?? What's so laughable about working out?"

Clearly you haven't seen me try to run a mile. (Hardy har har) Here to explain the connection between exercise and a lighter mood is my girl Elle Woods:

Daniel's pumped about the extra husband-security-side-effect, by the way.

But after two months of home projects, and truthfully 4 months of a barely-there workout routine, I'm feeling a bit insecure about getting back to it. (Especially since I'm stubborn, and in my head, I think my body should still be able to do feats of strength like this.) 

So I invited some friends to get me motivated! And you, too, in case you've also resolved to be healthier this year.. and haven't made much head way yet. 

(Or even better - a morning!)

(Or even better - a morning!)

I'm calling it the "Strong is the New Skinny" blog tour - after my 2015 workout mantra - and I've invited my friends from across the blog-o-sphere to share their fitness stories, habits, motivations, and tips with you all week! Many of these ladies I've had the privilege of meeting for the first time through this tour. I'm so excited! 

If today's theme isn't your cup of tea, don't give up on the tour! Each day covers a new fitness style: Outdoor Recreation, Yoga & Pilates, Strength Training, Running, and starting us off today....

Group Fitness!!!

Click the images above to see each talented blogger's posts!

Digging these workout wardrobes, by the way?? Many of these patterns are available from our tour sponsors Greenstyle Creations & 5 out of 4 Patterns. You can join their facebook groups here (Greenstyle) and here (5 out of 4) and see even more fan creations in a variety of sizes and fabrics! And remember - workout clothes are NOT a part of your capsule wardrobe, so (if you need such a thing)  you have my blessing to make as many active wear pretties as you want! Just promise not to take it this far ;)

I feel silly even needing to state this disclaimer, but "better safe than sorry," they say. The talented women participating in this tour are NOT trained physicians (unless they state otherwise). I hope you find their testimony encouraging and motivating - but they are NOT adequate substitutes for the advice of your own doctor, trainer, or other health professional. Please consult an expert before adjusting or creating your own fitness regimen.