{Top Stitchers} Season 3!

Hey TS fans!! Season 3 is well underway, but there are quite a few changes coming along with it. I can't wait to share them with you! (So... you know....  I won't.) 

I knew pretty much immediately  with Season 2 that this series had way too much content for one blog.  Between the weekly sew-downs each Tuesday, and the results posts on Friday, I hardly had the space - or time - to promote a Sew Along, properly introduce my contestants in published bios (never did figure that one out, sorry ladies!), or even engage you readers thoughtfully in each prompt - how I'd interpret them, what I'd sew, and why.

There was SO much untapped potential - and so little space, and time. So TS has officially been moved to its OWN WEBSITE! Isn't it pretty??

This oughta solve that space issue!! I CAN NOT WAIT to share it with you, and I'm impatient enough that I just might launch it tomorrow. Maybe. If I'm totally and completely insane. (Which is highly probable.)  I'll let you know on the new Facebook Page, Group, or over on IG when it's up. 

Or, if you want to stalk the launch even more proactively, you can do so at www.sewingstadium.com.

"Sewing Stadium"? Why not Topstitchers.com?

Well first off... it's taken. All simple/obvious domain variations were, actually. So the girls and I wracked our brains and ended up stumbling upon the idea of a "Sewing Stadium" - keeping in theme with Iron Chef like series inspiration, which is hosted in Kitchen Stadium. It won me over with the idea that I could easily host future sewing contests there, too. Go ahead and file away that bit of knowledge - and if you come across a friend/blogger who is thinking "I have a contest idea, and nowhere to host it!" you can tell them I know a gal!

So cool, Becca!! But what about that time issue? Did you clone yourself??

EVEN BETTER. I brought on a dear friend! Words can't even begin to express how perfectly this worked out. All those things in contest-hosting I couldn't make time for, just so happen to be her areas of expertise. Without further ado, I'd like to announce...

I’m really excited to welcome Audrey of Skirt Fixation to the team! She is just the sweetest, and we have collaborated with and encouraged one another for over a year now since she popped my “sewing contest” cherry for her women’s sewing challenge. She’s joining the Top Stitchers team as our Sew Along Coordinator, Social Media Guru, & Sponsor Liason.
— www.sewingstadium.com

Audrey? Skirt Fixation? Are these names new-to-you? No worries! I asked her to write up a brief bio just for you:

Audrey blogs with her daughters at Skirt Fixation. (www.skirtfixation.com) She started sewing at age 16 when she reached her full height of 6 feet!  Her favorite thing to sew is skirts, and she also dabbles in quilting, bag making, and has accepted her husband's challenge of learning to sew for the male species. Other than sewing, her days are filled with caring for her 7 children, husband and menagerie of animals on their farm.

Lastly - we have our TALENT! I have to crank out their pairings and prompts here like.. yesterday. But I procrastinated just a smidge by making this purdy graphic for you! Recognize any of these pretty faces?? Lots should be familiar from S1 and S2, and a few new folks sprinkled in! 

That's all for now! KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED! This season is going to ROCK. :)