{Muscular Mondays} The Sequel!

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Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last "Muscular Monday" post - admittedly a horrible blog series title, and one I doubt I'll continue. BUT - the Greenstyle Stride athletic tights release today, so I just had to roll with it this time ;) Last time, I was introducing my athletic top sews. Like the Jillian tank by Greenstyle:

This time, I'm all about my bottoms! The Greenstyle Stride Athletic Tights are my new sewing addiction:

I've made THREE pairs now. All with swim knit from Cali Fabrics. They had a huge sale on their swim stock last month - I wish I'd stocked up on more! Swim knit is the perfect fabric for these tights - not just because of the generous 4-way stretch, but also because I wear them to hot yoga. Nothing dries faster! It's most fabulous :)

So let's talk about it! 

This is the first pair I made. I was meticulous in their construction! Spent a day switching between my microtex needle and my twin needle to get a professional finish. Unfortunately, I discovered I had a tension issue with my machine, so there was a loooooot of tunneling in this pair. So - in search for a perfect pair, I carried on with a zig zag stitch instead:

So here's pair two. Also Cali Fabrics swim knit. I'll tell ya - zig-zag stitching made this pair FLY. It was done in just over an hour. (I have 2 kids on summer vacay, so factor that into the sewing-allotted time there.) I used to have a lot of trouble sewing swim knit, but I tried something different with this project. I swapped out my walking foot for a teflon foot instead. It worked like magic. Fewest skipped stitches yet! (And no, tape on the bottom of your regular sewing foot is not an equal substitute. Trust me - I've tried it all!) Here's the one I used:

I did the mid-rise, crop-length options for all of these. The mid rise on my 5'2 , short torso'ed body fit me just below my belly button. Perfect for my workout purposes.

The waistband includes clear elastic along the upper seam on the waistband. So when I do this, the waistband stays in place!

That's a rather dark video of my third pair of Strides. You can see a better photo of the fabric (you guessed it - also from cali fabrics) here:

They also have an optional gusset. That's the oval-or-diamond-ish-shape piece you'll find at the center of the seat seam in RTW workout gear. It distributes seam stress around more evenly around the seams in the front, back, and both inseams. I contort myself in all kinds of fancy ways in my yoga classes - and not once have I worried about the seams here splitting. 

Speaking of RTW, I found a bunch of stride-similar styles to inspire my future sews. Like this one, that retails $94, but that I can recreate for $15 worth of swim knit!

Or this one, with alternating stripe directions:

I'm on a real athletic sew kick, so look forward to more posts about those projects in the future :) Or, if you're in need of some inspiration now, check out my board of future hacks: