Top Stitchers: "Stars" Results!

This is such a bittersweet moment! This is the LAST POST of Top Stitchers, Season 2! Which is exciting because we get to reveal this week's awesome scores, and sad because TS will be in "vacation" mode for the rest of the summer. I'll be a busy bee behind the scenes collaborating with another fabulous blogger friend to set up a new website just for TS, and relaunching the contest in September! If you're interested in being a season 3 contestant, email me a becca (at) beccaduvalphotography (dot) com.

But - first on today's agenda?? The Judges' feedback! Let's start with Sarah's:

"I LOVE Julie Andrews! Such grace and class. Your outfit reflected her personality so well without directly copying her. Awesome job!"

"Love the colour of the shirt with the white bottom, very summery. The skirt details are great - very tidy."

"Julie Andrews is also one of my favorites and I love how you interpreted her style in your entry! So classic!"

And Kari's:

"I am blown away! Beautifully done. Your daughter looks absolutely adorable in her big girl outfit. The details are amazing. Great job!"

"Very classic look. your trims and use of accessories are all perfect. She looks like such a little lady!"

"I have always been drawn to the mod and Classic style of icons such as Chanel. I love the logo prop you made! Your photoshoot was incredible!"

Excellent work, ladies!! You should be so proud of your entries, you really blew us away with your iconic looks!

Here's where I'd usually leave you with the promo for next week... but since we're at the end of our journey, I would like to acknowledge some behind the scenes super "stars" of my own! Our anonymous judges are anonymous, no more! In fact, you'll recognize each of them from season 1. Thanks so much for all your hard work ladies - I know judging this season's entries has been no picnic with talent so equally matched and entries so inspired!

Michelle {Falafel and the Bee}

"My name is Michelle and am originally from NJ. My husband and I moved out to WA state 17 years ago and started our family shortly after that. Our girls are ages 15 and 9. You can find me blogging over at Falafel and the Bee, my online home."

"I'm RaeAnna, silly mama of two precious kids and wife of 12 years to Nick! I love sewing, making music, and photography!"

"I am Jeanine, I'm from the frozen flatland of Canada, and I sew over at Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom Patterns. I've been sewing since 2010 when I had my oldest daughter, I was in desperate need of a creative outlet with being a stay at home mom and my great grandma's sewing machine had just been given to me.I started sewing for my (oldest) daughter, but I soon found I prefer to sew for myself."

Until next season, my friends!! Thanks for following along. :)