"Muscular Monday"???

....Because "I love my new athletic sews, and want to show off my yoga" was too long for a blog title.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the #sweatnsew community on Instagram by way of Imagine Gnats. It's a health-minded group of sewists brought together by The Scarcastic Quilter. It's been fun to meet women with similar interests, and feel encouraged by the mutual goal of daily fitness. My thyroid disease continues to stall any actual "weight loss" (also, my love for home brewed beer), but I am getting strong and I am taking care of my body. I figured I'd start sewing athletic wear for it, too!

Today I made my Jocole leggings - shorts version, for hot yoga. It's 105 degrees in there and I am DYING in my full length yoga pants! This was a ridiculously fast sew (and just what I needed after last week's unfortunate realization...). I sized up the back seat seam to a Medium (DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT?? Pick one size front and one size back?? My mind is BLOWN and my clothes are fitting so much better! Hats off to my pal Darcie for teaching me that trick!), and picked an 8 inch waistband that I can fold down or wear up over my tummy. It's nice to have that modesty option - especially since some of my new yoga moves include my shirts succumbing to gravity and exposing my strong-but-oh-so-pale belly :P 

I also made the new Greenstyle Creation's Jillian Tank (Affiliate link), with a few modifications. I made the Papercut Patterns Pneuma tank last week, and learned how uncomfortable straps are when they're just folded under and attached.  The exposed seam against my skin was really irritating during workouts. I'd been brainstorming a way to enclose the seams, when I found the answer in Angie's pattern! Jillian has a FOE (Fold Over Elastic) option that encloses all raw edges! I even used the Jillian's sports bra option to add a built in shelf bra. 

Now - the poses below aren't perfect. The sewing and (3 year old's) photography isn't, either. But I DO feel strong, and I feel CAPABLE - so I'm proud of them all regardless!

"C'mon Momma, I've been practicing! Try and keep up!"

"yup, you've got it, good form there, Mom."

"Well, now you're just showing off."


Guess I can stop saying "having kids ruined my core!" - I was never able to do these things BC (before children). And without 4 years of carrying them around, my arms are finally strong enough to do things like this:


Oh and the tank fabric? I picked it up last summer from Cali Fabrics - it was love at first sight on my first trip to their San Francisco location. I used scraps leftover from this project. Yup - I used swim knit. Trust me when I say... I'm so drenched after hot yoga, I might as well have been swimming. And on that disgusting note, I bid thee adieu! Come back to check out some INCREDIBLE "Song Bird" creations in the next Top Stitcher Sew-down. With these two ladies facing off, you KNOW it's gonna be good! 


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