Top Stitchers: "Who Dun It" Results!

I'll be honest, when I saw these looks roll into my inbox this weekend, I thought "TIE!!" No way could I pick a favorite, I wanted every single piece for my own son's wardrobe! The narratives this week were awesome, the models aaaahhhhhhhh-dorable, and the sewing was REALLY top notch. Thank you for the fun sew-down Gemia & Maegen! Here's what the judges thought of your entries:

"Gemia, your narration through the post was so fun to read!  I love how
your thought process created these ensembles!  Your boys are too

"Oh my goodness. I love that you wrote on prompt! It made for such a fun read! LOOOVE both your looks. Everything about them is perfect, and the sewing great, details spot on. Well WELL done!"

"Gemia: You rocked it! Goodness both of those outfits are adorable.I LOVE your use of the old army tent. And those orange pants-Eeeeeeee! So cute."



"Mae, Shawn Spencer is one of my faves!  I always loved when I could
spot the pineapple in an episode!  I love how you used the pineapple
theme throughout the look and all your pieces were so cute!  Great job
on the details!"

"Maegen: Oh my word you crack me up! I love your use of the pineapples everywhere- and those jean shorts are beautifully done. Really great job!"

"I love the pineapple theme throughout and how well everything matches. the handstitching and paint details are so fun! This look is top notch!"

SO awesome!! Congratulations on your high scores, you earned every bit of them :) 

Now - who is ready for the last half of the Season 2 prompts??? Follow along with me on Instagram throughout the weekend while I reveal the next 4 prompts, starting with:

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"No two birds sing the same song" - just as no two seamstresses will design the same over-the-top look... because YOU will be designing a boy's "songbird" look. That is, a look inspired by a song about birds (or anything with wings.) Props strongly encouraged!

Inspired by this, or any other Season 2 prompt? Sew along with us!