I don't want to "adult" today. Or sew for them, either!

Do you ever just get TIRED? I'm coming down to the final stretch of my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along, and just really running out of steam on the whole muslin-tweak-muslin again-tweak-final-sew routine I've been in for the last 8 weeks. 

So I've taken the week "off". I switched gears and made a much-needed summer wardrobe for my daughter, instead! I whipped up a BettyAnn, a boho babydoll, a (super quick sew) skort, a jumpsuit, and I still have an Emma dress, an LOL Swing Top and a pair of clover shorts left to go before we leave for the beach in a few days! 

... Unfortunately, she's been a very unimpressed "threenager" this week, turning up her nose at everything (despite being the one to pick the fabric! Stinker..). So I thought I'd try catching her off guard with a really fun project instead. Something she'd have to fight REALLY hard to feign disinterest.

I made her a super hero cape. (And one for her favorite sidekick, too!)

She's been wearing a ridiculous handkerchief tied to her shirt straps for a couple weeks now. Super-Kaelyn goes to grocery stores and gyms, rides her bike in the front yard, and takes naps in my daughter's bed.

I'm sort of surprised that the idea to make her a cape took so long to strike me in the first place, actually. Goodness knows I've had plenty of daily reminders! The handkerchief comes untied a dozen times a day - and yours truly comes to cape-rescue each and every time. Better late than never??

I did some stash-searching and came up a few JoAnn's cuts I could use to make a coordinating set of capes. The Modkid design for Kaelyn, and the blue polkadots for mister E. I followed this tutorial to get the general shape, and then just finished the raw edges and hemmed the sides. No need to line a cape that might just end up atop tomorrow's toy heap, right??

Then It was just a matter of a quick Initial applique! I'm far too unreliable with my embroidery settings still, so I didn't risk stitching directly to the cape itself. I put their initals on contrast patches first, and then zig-zagged the perimeter to fix it to the cape center. 

It made for a fast sew overall (a spat with my embroidery machine slowed me down a bit, but I overcame!).... and when the kids emerged from a morning of playtime with daddy, I got to surprise them with these:

See?? I couldn't even get those initials centered in the "shields". I'll get better with practice... but dada got to sleep in this morning for his special day and I was too tired to unpick and figure it out. Thankfully, they don't seem to mind (or even notice!):

Looking fierce, kid!

Looking fierce, kid!

As you can see, they're VERY enthusiastic about their "swoosh"ing

Back to momma sewing for me - but I'm glad I worked in this fun project to keep my super kids super happy over the next few days! Happy sewing :) 

XOXO, Becca