Top Stitchers: "Rebels With A Cause" Results!

Yay!! Another awesome week for Top Stichers! Though I expect nothing less from two awesome alumnae from season one! (Who could forget Melissa's dreamy "Art Gallery" look, or Amy's epic "April Showers" raincoat??) I have just loved reading about these rebellious looks, and all the creative ways you ladies have worked interesting details into your boy-sews. My biggest complaint with boy sewing is always the lack of imagination - and your sew-down entries left me inspired! Lets hear what the judges thought of your entries: 

"Melissa, I love how out of the box you thought when pairing fabrics and prints! I have zero ideas on what Punk Rock should look like (or even sound like...I don't know if I have ever heard a punk rock song?!?!?) But your look was very cool and you can tell he loves it!"

"I really like how you combined all the fabrics. They all "go" amazingly to create a perfect modern and wearable punk look. The origami pocket is a fun extra touch."

"I love your inspiration. Totally a punk rocker myself at one time. The origami pocket is so clever! That zip is awesome."

"Amy, you can keep your "nerd card!" LOL! I think you did a great job interpreting the "rebellion" from Star Wars! I am impressed with the gloves - I have tried several times to free hand a pair of gloves and fail terribly! I'll have to check out that pattern and try again!"

"Love the star wars for your rebel look idea. Those jeans look better than store! and that little ewok is adorable!"

"Very clever! I wouldn't have thought of Hans Solo, either. (Good thing this is anonymous. *Nerd card in tact*). I LOVE that holster. It looks like something that would be useful for a Mom too;) And GLOVES??!! Fantastic." 

Congratulations on your high marks, ladies!! I hope your models enjoy their new looks as much as we do!

But wait!! Before you go, let's not forget about the awesome GIVEAWAY fellow Top Stitcher Jenn offered for our voters! This is the THIRD WEEK this season her Dressage Leggings pattern has been re-imagined for girls and boys of all ages:

Our winner, chosen by Jenn's beautiful daughter isssssssss....


Congratulations Stephanie! I can't wait to see what you do with this pattern :) 

For those wishing their name had been pulled... let me give you a pick-me-up! Tomorrow - for her BIRTHDAY (Happy birthday, Jenn!) everything in the Jennuine Life shop is 41% off! June 20 only - midnight to midnight EST. Get your own copy of the Dressage Leggings (or any other pattern!) using code FLASH41

And as always, I'll leave with a tease of next week's sew-down:

A photo posted by AliCat (@alicatco) on

 According to the great (fictional) Billy Flynn, the whole world is all show business. So give us the ol' razzledazzle, with a fashionable woman's outfit inspired by your favorite musical or a specific musical number or character.
The catch? You have to incorporate, to some degree, Billy's recipe to daze and dizzy your audience: beads, feathers, or sequins.