Top Stitchers: "Song Bird" Results!

Are you still in awe over this week's songbird looks?? I am!! One of our mystery judges is, too, and I couldn't agree more with her sentiments:

I was unable to vote one look better than another in this challenge!!! The attention to detail, technique, creativity, presentation and difficulty were all over the top and jaw dropping amazing! You both made me so proud to be among a group of women who are dedicated to the ART of sewing!  I will give my individual thoughts on each look but this week I hope the result is a tie!

Cassie's Feedback:

"Cassie, WOW! The work that you put into the presentation is something you would see in an expensive magazine! I don't know much about your background, but you and your team should definitely be in print - Babikins, Stylo, etc. The mixed media in your presentation was awesome!"

"Cassie: Firstly, you story was beautiful. It made me cry. I love the colors you used and the beautiful imagery. Very ethereal."

"This look is amazingly beautiful. A fun interpretation! Love the colours you chose and the classical yet modern look."

Andrea's Feedback:

"Andrea, I about fell on the floor when I saw the transformation look! I thought the prince ensemble was THE look until I read further and saw the rest of the story! Like I said for Cassie, your work should be in print and style magazines for the beauty and artistic interpretation you executed in this challenge! I am in awe and so glad I was able to see the result of your hard work!"

"Andrea: You totally surprised me with this look. I love your mastery over that vegan leather. You added wonderful details!"

"This look is so amazing! and sewing with all that pleather - hats off! I love that you got creative with the story too and changed it a bit for your own interpretation"

Congratulations ladies! Your work this week is beyond incredible! Enjoy these high marks!

The boy-sew trend is rolling into next week with some fun tween looks! Check it out: