Top Stitchers: Season 2 Roster!

Hey Top Stitcher fans! Welcome to my home-base.... er home-blog :) I'm so excited to have you here for Season 2 of TOP STITCHERS! We have an excellent line-up this season, so read on!

New to Top Stitchers? How about a quick refresher first:

Top Stitchers is a series of weekly sew-downs, where sewing bloggers compete side-by-side in an Iron-Chef style duel. That is, there's a host/chairman (me! Aka Becca, if you're really super duper new to the series) who assigns these talented women a prompt based on their specific sewing specialties (see those listed here). Their entries are then rated based on various merits:

  • 5 Points for Technique. Does your garment(s) reflect a strong knowledge of the fabrics used, and the methods and tools use to sew them?
  • 5 Points for Creativity. Does your garment(s) relate to the given prompt, and showcase your unique talents as a sewist?
  • 5 Points for Presentation. Quality photography is key, as is an overall vision for presenting your finished work.
  • 5 Points for Degree of Difficulty. Sew many pieces, or very intricate ones? these points reward that challenge. (This is new in Season 2!)

"Who does the rating?" Well, YOU do of course! 50% of the ratings come from the voting public. You have 3 full days to submit your scores for each seamstress.

"I can vote for BOTH?" You can! In fact, to vote at all, you're going to have to. Sneaky forms and their *required fields ;) The Top Stitchers competition is not a popularity contest. Seamstresses compete side-by-side, but AGAINST their own personal "best". Their scores are an evaluation of their sew-blogging-skills - acknowledgement of areas where they can improve their craft, and recognition for those areas where they already excel.

I feel so strongly about delivering thoughtful ratings that I have invited 3 judges to weigh in for the remaining 50% of each score. This panel is anonymous throughout the competition, but I will tell you that they're all Top Stitcher alumnae from Season 1! A true "jury of peers" who will leave "expert commentary" with each scores. 

Enough jibber jabber - are you ready to see the roster??  

Yeah!! Isn't this season going to ROCK?? This is all you get for now. If you want to see the prompts, you'll have to follow me on instagram, where I'll be releasing them throughout the week! Then of course, meet us back here next week for our first sew-down!