Top Stitchers: "7 Wonders" Results!

It's RESULTS DAY!! And boy did these ladies (and their models!) BRING IT this week! I am so impressed with their visions, their hand stitching, and their excellent presentations. You all must have agreed, because the scores I saw rolling in all week were AWESOME! Thanks, as always, for your participation and sharing the love with our contestants!

"I love the fabric you chose, and that dress is totally something I would wear! That lattice smocking made my eyes cross. You just went up a notch in my book, and well, you were already pretty high up there. Amazing! Well- done."

"LOOOVE chambray. Love the shape of the dress, and that bag with the lattice smocking - insane!!! wow that looks cool! (and terrifying to try!)"

"Olu, your lattice is amazing! I admit that patience is not a virtue of mine in the sewing room so seeing this is soooo impressive to me! I think you rocked the challenge and the dress and backpack are perfect!"


"Gold Vegan Leather. That pretty much sums it up. Ha! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pants. And the dress is so well done. I never would have thought of neoprene! AND any hand-stitching pretty much makes you my hero."

"Love the bell shape the structure of the dress is perfect! I also love the pop of lime on the back! Embroidery is such a fun add on. The double stitch on the pleat in the front of the dress is a nice touch of detail."

"Jen, I love your hand embroidery and the sweet poses of your daughter! I love that you used and manipulated your own pattern to make your look!"

WOW!! These scores rock! Congratulations sewists!!

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