Top Stitchers: "Hamlet" Results!

Oh my goodness! What darlings we had on the blog this week! I'm continually impressed by upcycle projects - and Magda and Ajaire did NOT disappoint! Let's see what the judges thought of each entry:

Judge Reactions: Magda's Entry

  • "I absolutely love that you made undies and socks. Stripes are my favorite. That jacket is awesome!"
  • "LOVE that you did the ENTIRE outfit! even undies and socks - awesome! I also love that you upcycled a leather jacket! I must thrift shop now! love that you did welt pockets on the back of the shorts too. Good use of many techniques and fabrics."
  • "Magda, I loved the idea to MAKE socks!  I need to check out that tutorial and try a pair! Your daughter looks so cool in the ensemble.  I love that you had a plan and color scheme that worked so well from your upcycle wardrobe! Your combination of all the items sewn made such a great complete outfit!  The jacket is really exceptional!  I love that you made it work - especially since you couldn't find a pattern you liked!"

Judge Reactions: Ajaire's Entry

  • "I love the colour combo. The double topstitch on the leggings is very nice and straight - good job!"
  • "Those riding pants are fantastic.I also love that you paired colors that I never would have thought of!"
  • "Ajaire, your seams look so good on the tunic and riding pants! The outfit is adorable! Anytime someone uses a sheet as fabric I smile!  I love the creativity that is sparked from pretty fabric.....even if it wasn't garment fabric! I was so hoping for a horse in the pictures too!!!  Your daughter looked very equestrian - I bet she will love horse back riding when she's older!

Congratulations on these high marks ladies! You ROCKED this challenge! No doubt your creativity has inspired others to create their own refashion projects:

And, for more inspiration, tune in next week for another awesome challenge!