Top Stitchers: "Hybrid" Results

What a week!! A huge shout out to our readers, on all their platforms, for your comments and support this week - and of course for taking the time to rate these "hybrid" looks!

 I'll share the judges reaction below, but first I want to marvel at how differently each seamstress interprets these prompts. Thank you, Bobbie for starting off this season with me! I am just obsessed with your "wing it" pieced fox, and matching purse!

Here's what the judges though about Bobbie's entry:

"I LOVE foxes. Brilliant choice. I am amazed at your quilt block skills that you could just draft that block on the fly! Beautifully done. I also love the ruffles in the back. And those bunny ears totally say Hybrid to me!"

"I am always in awe of quilters that piece a picture together and your fox face is so adorable!  I love the way you jumped into the unknown with your ideas and executed the final outcome through the piecing of the fox design. I love how you incorporated the fox ears on the headband and the fox face on the purse!"

"Love the fox and that you designed the pattern piecing for it is amazing! The colours are very bright and fun and the matching purse a fun touch!"

And here are their thoughts on my entry:

"The jacket - wow!!!! Love the quilted look of the jacket and very impressed that it is suede."

"SUEDE??!! Wow. Super duper impressed. I love your quilting. The colors and style of this jacket suit you. I love that you also made a shirt and pants! All beautifully stitched."

"Becca, your quilting lines to accentuate the curves of the jacket are exquisite! The piecing on the jacket and the t-shirt are impeccable! I love how you got creative with all the pieces of your wardrobe and pulled them together with the colors. The teal of the pants pulls out the teal from the fabric in the jelly roll. And the t-shirt design is a fun homage to all the traditional quilt blocks!  As always your photography is superb! Having 3 handmade pieces of wardrobe plus, making a muslin, shows your dedication in presenting a well executed challenge entry! Having a perfect pieced back section on your jacket PLUS beautiful quilted lines shows your attention to detail and understanding of the challenge!"

Congratulations on these well deserved marks! Join us next week for our "Hamlet" challenge...