Sew the Show: Friends Edition

HELLO AGAIN! It's good to be back! April has been dominated by Spring Break, stomach flu, and birthday festivities. I'll need to remember this for next year when I think "sure, I can be as productive this month as any other!" and raise my hand for a bunch of projects. 

NONE THE LESS! Sew the Show has officially become my FAVORITE social sewing endeavor, and I'm pumped to share my entry!

This month's show is Friends. Which at first seems OBVIOUS, because you've watched these shows a million times, and attempted to recreate dozens of outfits inspired by Jennifer Aniston's fashions from the show. "This'll be a breeze! I'll just sew a... a.... uhhh..." But then you remember it's been 11 years since the last new episode aired (sorry, too soon??) and your memory of 90's fashion has begun to fade. (In my case, this was a welcomed occurrence. Something of a defense mechanism, shielding me from the awful "trends" I once sported.)   

So I did a very dangerous thing. I googled. And somewhere between the turtle necks and the slip-dress-over-t-shirts, I started breathing into a paper bag. HOW was I going to pull this off? As if Rachel Green doesn't have big enough style-shoes to fill?

Then, in my quest for any 90's inspiration that would put some pep in my sew-the-show stitch, I found these.

I LOVED overalls growing up. I felt comfortable (I was) and cute (I wasn't) in them, and wore out more than one pair, even long after they were cool. And after seeing this re-imagining of the classic, shapeless overall design, I knew I had to try my hand at rocking these again!

I found the perfect pattern available from They're the Turia Dungarees, and they're scaled down to fit our modern fashion aesthetic. The bib is smaller, and the legs tapered. There's also a short-all version. Speaking frankly: I thought I'd DIE before wearing shortalls, much less sewing my own, but these have totally reformed my shortall opinion. (Side note: Pauline makes overalls look GOOD! This woman has serious style!)

I did end up tapering my legs more, which was as simple as increasing the seam allowance on the outer leg seams. I went by my measurements - though it's entirely possible I dropped a size over the month I took to print, assemble, cut, and stitch this project. Braggy moment: I've been working out a LOT lately. I even did THIS today, so I'm feeling pretty baller. (I have a much-requested swimsuit mod coming for you for Memorial Day, and I have GOT to shed my winter layer before I model that!) 

I chose a lightweight indigo denim to stitch them in, and complimented it with my staple knit t-shirt pattern, the Kitschy Coo Trifecta Top in DELIGHTFUL Art Gallery Knit by Leah Duncan

I took a  page out of fellow-fictional-90's-New-Yorker Carrie Bradshaw's fashion book, and completed my look with statement shoes in a bold canary color. 

The Valoria in Yellow adds perfectly feminine contrast to the tomboy-ish silhouette of overalls. AND they're flats - which automatically makes them a practical, AND stylish, member of my shoe collection.

How'd I do?? Would you rock overalls again? How would you style them? Perhaps you'd sew one of Rachel Green's other ensembles? Or maybe you're more of a Monica or a Pheobe? Let's chat about it :) Leave some love below!