Quilting is...

I've now sewn two quilts. So obviously, I'm qualified to write this post on quilting, right?? Let's call it "first impressions" then ;)

Quilting is...

  • As hard as you make it. You can work with a few, large pieces, or as MANY small ones as you want. Quilt with a few straight lines, or intricate free motion designs.  
  • Exercise.  Up, down, crawling around the floor smoothing out your "batting sandwich"... Burn bonus calories if you move your ironing board across the room like mine is. OOF. Where's my fitbit to document this stuff??
  • MESSY. This is a true "Maybe it's just me" - but I have not figured out a way to quilt that doesn't require the entire expanse of the floor. And a trail of pieces all the way to the ironing board. And taking over of the kitchen table, because the weight of the blanket needs desk space occupied by the serger. 
  • Expensive. Well, I'm sure it could be much cheaper... with JoAnn's finds and a boat load of coupons... but by the time I settle on the PERFECT fabric combos, they're almost always designer stuff. And the "it IS going to last FOREVER..." justification takes me all the way to the cutting counter. 
  • Addictive. I have so much fun making these! I considered myself a "reluctant quilter" at first, but the results are soooooo stunning, I start dreaming my next quilt halfway through piecing the one I'm working on.  And when there are so many free quilt patterns out there... there's no end to the inspiration! 
  • Rewarding. I mean, really. This IS going to last forever, remember?

Quilting is NOT...

  • A craft of the perfectionist. It will drive you bonkers. I have to seriously choke down the "But I cut these all at the same time! And used the same seam allowance! Why doesn't this perfectly match up??" anxieties and just say "you know, in the end, this still looks really darn beautiful." After all, "perfect" is the enemy of " good"
  • A "wing it" kind of craft. If you're an apparel-convert like me, this is hard to swallow. A little tweak here and there can't be all that consequential, right? Wrong. Each of my quilts is a modified version of a free pattern. Let me tell ya. I would have saved a LOT of fabric and time if I'd just stuck to the directions. There's a lot of value in somebody else calculating all the measurements for you, and exposing quilt assembly "cheats" where they exist. At least, until I learn a fair number of them myself...
  • Fast. Sure, the "as hard as you make it" point applies here too. But even a simpler quilt would take at least a full day. I'm sure that, as with all things, I'd get better and faster at it with practice.  
  • For "Old People". ...Though, considering the patience and dedication it requires, I can understand why most of us young whipper snappers don't take up the art earlier in life. (Young children pretending your piles of quilt pieces are leaves to be thrown in the air tends to slow things down...and raise blood pressure.)

What's your quilting experience? Do you love it or hate it? Let's chat about it!

Meanwhile, enjoy some photos of my E-man and his "mom-guilt-quilt". He's recovering from surgery today, so I spent the weekend making him this cozy minky-backed quilt to make up for the fact that I gave him rotten genes :P Sorry, little dude! ...now have a snuggle. 


... obviously he's doing alright. Happy boy :)

This quilt is modified from the free See Kate Sew Triangle Quilt Tutorial. All fabrics from Sew Refreshing , including the now-out-of-stock Aurora Borealis print.