{personal} a new perspective

I LOVE the sewing community. I've been making the rounds for a few years now - bouncing between groups, blogs, designers and projects of all types. I haven't found an aspect of sewing that doesn't totally inspire or excite me. (Even quilting, if you've been following the scrap-quilt-saga that my instagram has become...). 

But there is a dark side I catch glimpses of now and then. Especially in terms of self-care-sewing. 


Fear of inadequate skill. Of working with fabrics, prints, or patterns outside one's comfort zone. Or techniques not yet attempted. Fear of self. Of one's understanding of fashion and trends. Of one's body, and dressing it. 

I'd like to tear down that fear. I'd like to expose the "advanced" or "intimidating" realms of the sewing world, and, of course, fashion. 

Which brings me to this new blog of mine...

Free Notion 
/frē/ /ˈnōSH(ə)n/

(n) the belief that sewing and fashion should be practiced for reasons of self-fulfillment, increasing one's confidence, and as an escape from the doldrums of professional and domestic drudgery. Often practiced outside style "rules" and "norms". 
"Free Notion sewing has filled my closet with fun, flattering projects that I'm excited to wear every day because *I* like them."
source: itotallymadethisup

This is not a place for experts. (But you're welcome too!) This is a place for motivated creatives. A place to practice fashion unapologetically (the English language too, if you feel so inclined to make up a word like I just did.). This is a place to sew what you love, not just what's popular, age-appropriate, or within your comfort-zone. 

We wear white after labor day. We mix any prints we want to. No pattern? NO PROBLEM. We hack what we have to make what we want. Don't know how? Let's figure it out together! Because here, we're liberated. Won't you join me?