{Social Sewing} 6 Degrees of Separation

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be kicking off the first ever Sew The Show blog tour! It's called "6 Degrees of Separation" - and it's a loop of shows or movies connected by a common actor, director, or significant other. Of course, in keeping with parlor game, the whole tour will start and end with Kevin Bacon! If you're inspired to sew to any of the shows (or ANY show) throughout the tour, we'd love you to share them with us tagging #sewtheshow and #sewsixdegrees (or the cheeky alternative #baconsewsexy) on social media. 

For my first stop, I'm sewing a look inspired by Kyra Sedgwick - who is linked to Kevin by marriage! She stars as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in one of my very favorite crime dramas, The Closer:

BUT - how is it you "sew" with a show exactly?? I'm glad you asked! Before I carry on with my own little demo, Here's a little blurp from the website to clarify:

This is not a costume series, but it IS a chance to re-watch your favorite shows, enthuse about them with a couple hundred of your closest friends, and honor the talents of each costume department with nods big & small to their unique, iconic styles.

At first, I was reluctant to sew based on Brenda. Her character is hugely entertaining, but her wardrobe oscillates from flashy fashion diva... to fuddy duddy cardigan-clad librarian of eras past. Seriously. How do these outfits exist in the same closet??

Saucy Brenda

Librarian Brenda

Needless to say, saucy Brenda won out for me. I went the way of a pencil skirt, a style B rocks on the regular:

And her classic "layer-me" button up:

Only, I'm NOT a "closer." I have a whole basket of nearly-done projects to prove it. So I dug deep (*ahem* DUMPED THE BASKET) and found my inner Brenda Leigh. And two projects in her style that needed my attention. 

My first case: this button up, an elastic-sleeved Pussy Bow Blouse from Pattern Runway that had been complete except for buttons for TWO YEARS.  

Someone at some point told me "try snaps instead of buttons! So much faster!" I hope I never remember who that was. Because as soon as I do I'm going to glitter-bomb their home. My experience with the snaps looked more like....

Well. That was a disaster.

A photo posted by Becca DuVal (@beccaduvalphoto) on

I cracked 5 of 12 of the pearl facades, installed the inside of the snap the wrong way on HALF my snaps, then installed the entire opposite side BACKWARDS. So. Much. Un-snapping. And a bandaid. (Don't worry, no blood got on the fabric. And I'm ok, too. That's the proper priority order in sewing land right??)

The pencil on the other hand was a breeze (I expect nothing less from a Jocole Pattern!). It had been sewn and loved and worn for a year before the hem popped in a few places. I tossed it in this unfinished-projects basket 6ish months ago, and I'm glad I had this reason to go in and fix it! 

Put it all together and it looks something like this!

I layered the button up over my favorite rayon challis (that's my best guess on the remnant buy, anyway) Cali Faye Collections Basics Tank. You've seen the whole thing before - unless you're new here - in this post:

Then came the fun. The photo-recreation projects I had been tossing around in my brain this whole time. Like this one!

.......except you know, the one time I did. But dagnabbit you WILL unpick the hem yourself!

And, hey! Brenda's got her entourage backing her up, I've got mine! (Though I've not named my machines yet. I tend to work them to an untimely grave. Can't go getting attached!)

And then there's this one. I've got to hand it to her. For all the time Kyra's character ate chocolate, not once did she have the problem of making it unintentionally.. sexy? We took this photo at least a dozen times wondering how it POSSIBLY looked scandalous.

Also, I'm expecting my Sewblogging "Emmy" for this little acting job. I did pretty well at first, pretending I wasn't revolted by the smell/texture of this horrid gluten, sugar, dairy, soy free "double chocolate" breakfast cookie abomination...

...until I got an accidental mouthful.......

(It's probably made of 100000% quinoa.)

I know, I know, I got goosebumps with that performance too. (And a little nauseous.) I'll pause now for applause.

The fun here is over, but the tour continues! Also new today is a stop over at The Creative Counselor . What movie or show did she pick?? Remember! Every blog stop is connected to the one before by a common actor, director, or significant other. Here's your sneak! Click it to see Katie's creation!