Nursing Tutorial For the Jocole Quick Dress

What seems like ages ago, I posted a nursing top hack for the Jocole Quickdress. When I participated in the Sew-a-bration of Womanhood,  I was convinced my son would never stop nursing, and I'd have forever to make up a tutorial for it. 

But he grew, as babies do, and my nursing days ended just like that. So instead I've taken to photoshop, and some work with images direct from the Quickdress Pattern to illustrate my hack instead!

DIY Nursing Top Modification for the Jocole Patterns Quick Dress! 

DIY Nursing Top Modification for the Jocole Patterns Quick Dress! 

Special thanks to Jodi for her great collection of hackable patterns! You can find this one here, and a whole collection of my Jocole hacking tutorials here.

  • I do strongly recommend using knits for this project. The yoke can be any combination of woven scraps or trims, but sewing the body pieces in knit will help it hold up to the tugging of your little one. 
  • Given the gathers at the yoke, I recommend light-to-medium weight fabrics for this project. Light weight fabrics will gather tighter without adding extra bulk to the bust.
  • Use a band as an alternate to a hem at the bottom of the shirt. Cut it the length of your finished bottom + seam allowances, and double the desired finished height. Sew the short ends, fold band wrong sides together, and attach to the shirt hem.

And that's all there is to it! Pretty simple huh?? This little guy and I got months of use out of this easy hack. I hope you will too :)

And, if you're in the market for nursing patterns or hacks, might I suggest the Jocole Peplum?? There's a tutorial for this as well, here: