{Sewing Outerwear} Use Up that Quilter's Cotton!

If you're like me, you started your apparel sewing journey with Quilter's cotton.


But over time, the patterns catching your eye called for apparel fabrics. (For Apparel patterns? go figure!) You branched out. You collected knits and bottomweights, and traded your old pal QC for drapier, flowier wovens. Way to go, you. That stash is looking good!

But...... how can you use up that quilter's cotton stash you've long since outgrown? Here's a suggestion, just in time for the Fall and Winter chill upon us! Sew a jacket:

You can beef up flimsy QC with Fusible Fleece. The extra thickness will help hold the shape of outerwear, and the insulation factor will help keep you (or your kiddo) warm! 

I used two types of Poplin from Mabel Madison (this one and this one) to make this Terra's Treasures' P51 Flyer Jacket last year. I stitched (and topstitched) the back pieces and front pieces together before ironing the fusible fleece. That kept the seam bulk to a minimum. I eliminated the seam allowance ON THE FLEECE ONLY before ironing it to the sleeves as well, for the same reason. 

I'm so glad Everett gets to wear this jacket this year! I made it LAST August when we were in San Francisco, and sized up thinking he was due for a growth spurt. It was wayyyy to big for him then, but momma was right about that growth spurt:

**SOB SOB** They grow up so fast!! 

Anyhow, I hope this has inspired you to work through some of that QC stash! Let me know how you like working with fusible fleece :) I have some scraps left big enough for some kid's oven mits for their play-kitchen. I'll add that to the someday-sew list ;)